1. Ansible Linux Networking

    Recently i needed to setup a bunch of static routes on large number of linux machines

    The orignal playbook had a bunch of hard coded interface values, it worked but was not very portable. Since then i have upgraded it to dyanmicly pull the network information from facts and groupvars …

  2. Performance Tweaks & rc.local Troubles

    Most perf settings in linux can be set from sysctl but there are a few that cant, and i would like to list a few and the best way to apply them.

    On occassion i have found my rc.local script not executing with upstart on ubuntu 14.04, this …

  3. TCP, Netlink & proc


    This started as debugging application timeouts and turned into a deep dive into linux tcp ip stack & writing my own netlink query tools. Might be long. Might be rambling. Any comments appreciated..

    Recently when debugging a timeout issues on a java application, I stumbled upon an interesting problem. The application …

  4. KVM & virsh console

    When using a default ubuntu install with KVM the virsh console tool doesnt work out the box. The following playbook & conf will show you how to get your VMs working with the virsh console cli tool.

    You will get something like this when your try the virsh console command with …

  5. Hello World

    Hi all, trying to get started with a new blog. Watch this space!

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